Newest Additions to our Cider Shop

Botanist & Barrel

The South’s only natural cidery. Their focus is on local fruit, artfully crafted in fine ciders and coferments, using spontaneous and wild fermentation. All of their ciders are made with local, sustainable, and organic fruits, including traditional Southern heirloom cider apples from their organic estate farm.

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Raging Cider

Raging Cider's delicious ciders are all made with locally sourced fruit from San Diego County - very rare amongst cideries in the area. Dave and his family forage apples and pears and help manage several orchards throughout San Diego County. The unique growing conditions of the mountain range nearby result in truly unique ciders. Where is Mr. Ragey?!

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Albemarle Ciderworks

Virginia's cider history is amongst the deepest in America, and Albemarle is committed to honoring the tradition of American Cider by growing traditional cider apples that they highlight in some of the finest ciders available in the U.S.

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Haykin Family Cider

Haykin Family Cider is an award-winning small batch cidery located in Aurora, Colorado. With tiny bubbles, they produce a sparkling wine-like cider in a variety of sweetness levels. Elevating the apple like wineries treat grapes, Haykin Family Cider highlights the flavor and complexity of interesting and unique apples.

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Heartland Ciderworks

Heartland Ciderworks is a small batch cidery based out of Rickreall, Oregon (near Salem in Oregon's Willamette Valley). Co-winner of the coveted Best New Cidery award at the Northwest Cider Cup (2023). 

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Mount Diablo Cider Co.

Mount Diablo Cider Company is an award winning, boutique cidery specializing in small batch, premium hard cider produced in the Traditional Method using heirloom apple varieties of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Montana Ciderworks

Montana Ciderworks is rooted in the heart of Montana's Bitterroot Valley - an area famous amongst cider lovers for their high quality McIntosh apples. The oldest cidery in the state, Montana Ciderworks makes ciders inspired by traditional English ciders.

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Rootwood Cider Co.

Exceptional ciders from right near the heart of the Apple Capitol of the World. Using fruit grown on their family's estate orchard in Lake Chelan, Washington - this fifth generation apple family makes some of Washington's best ciders.

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Snow Capped Cider

Exceptional ciders made from Colorado grown apples. Their high-elevation orchards have been in the family more than 100 years, and the unique terroir and climate result in some remarkable ciders.

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Alma Cider

Experience the irresistable flavors of Alma Cider. Crafted in the Skagit Valley (Mt. Vernon, Washington). Make sure to try the Quince!

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Alpenfire Cider

Browse the current selection of Alpenfire Cider, a longtime favorite cidery from Port Townsend on the Olympia Penninsula in Washington State. We'll always stock up on every cider they release!

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ANXO Cider

A range of lovely and crushable canned ciders from ANXO Cidery, who thoughtfully sources traditional cider apple varieties from legendary orchards throughout Virginia and other East Coast states.

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Art + Science Cider & Wine

Delicious Cider, Perry, Co-Ferments, and Natural Wines from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

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Aspall Cider

Authentic English cider flavors of Aspall Cider, Straight from the UK.

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Aval French Ciders

Refreshing trio of French ciders from Aval Cider.

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Barmann Cellars

These creative libations from Whatcom County's oldest fruit trees will not disappoint. Cider, Perry, Quince, Co-Ferments, and Natty Wine!

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Bauman's Farm Cider

We carry the widest selection of Bauman's Farm Ciders from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Taste the latest from Christine Bauman and her team.

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Christian Drouin's French Cider & Perry

Rare treats from one of our favorite Cidre, Poire, and Calvados producers in Normandy, France.

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Cockrell Cider

We carry the full range of ciders from these hometown favorites. Excellent traditional ciders, and crowd pleasing fruit flavored ciders from Puyallup, Washington.

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Domaine Dupont

We have access to a mix of the annual releases from Etienne Dupont, famed Normandy cidermaker.

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Dragon's Head Cider

Check out all of the fine ciders from Dragon's Head Cidery. Located on beautiful Vashon Island just outside of Seattle. Staff favorites - we carry the largest selection of their ciders!

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Dunkerton's Cider

Get 'em while you can! Best sellers from the UK. Getting these into the U.S. is becoming unpredictable so we load up each time we can.

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Durham Cider & Wine Co.

Delicious cider & quince bottles from San Luis Obispo, California.

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Eden Specialty Ciders

Check out our wide selection of bottles and cans from Eden's Specialty Ciders in Vermont. Elevated canned ciders? Legendary Ice Ciders!? Yes please!

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Empyrical Orchard & Cidery

Winners of several of the most coveted cidery awards, makers of some of our absolute favorite ciders, and some of the best neighbors you could ask for. Try them all!

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Eric Bordelet French Ciders

Eric Bordelet is lauded as one of the premier cidermakers in the world. Bordelet's ciders are on par with fine wines, boasting a contemporary and unique flair that breaks free from the confines of traditional Normandy cider production.

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Fable Farm Fermentory

Indulge in some of the finest ciders crafted in the scenic landscapes of Northern Vermont. Fable Farms blends a variety of old world wines, then ages them for prolonged periods in a cave. You read that right!

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Farmstead Cider

Farmstead started their cidery using crabapples foraged in Jackson Hole as a way to prevent the area's bears from coming into town for the apples! A true expression of place, Farmstead makes several ciders using locally foraged apples from throughout Mountain West.

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Ferme de Port Coustic French Cider

Exquisite, natural French Farmhouse Ciders from the Farm of Port Coustic, located on the island of Groix in Brittany, France.

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Finnriver Farm & Cidery

Located near Port Townsend, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula, Finnriver Farm & Cidery is a farm and artisan cidery that produces organic hard cider and fruit wines.

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Floral Terranes CIder & Wine

A wine & cider endeavor definitely worth backing! Crafted with foraged fruit from all over Long Island, NY, sourced from once overlooked or forgotten trees. Absolutely scrumptious sips!

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Greenbank Cidery

Artfully handcrafted cider using heirloom apple varieties grown at their own estate orchard on Whidbey Island in Washington State. A fun range of traditional ciders, and botanical and fruit flavored ciders co-fermented with locally sourced ingredients.

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Greenwood Cider

The only cider producer who presses their own juice within Seattle city limits. They offer a diverse selection of cider styles, ranging from traditional ciders made with locally foraged heirloom apples to contemporary fruit and botanical ciders.

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Isastegi Sagardotegia

Located in the picturesque town of Tolosa in the Basque Country of Spain, Isastegi is a historical family estate where cider has been crafted for centuries. Classic Basque Sagardoa.

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Kristof Farms

Some of the finest cider and cider/wine co-ferments from Oregon's bountiful Willamette Valley! You'll want to try them all. Seriously.

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Lassten Traditional Cider

Fantastic fine ciders from Chico, California, using apples thoughtfully procured from area orchards. A California cidery well worth familiarizing yourself with.

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Le Père Jules Cider & Pommeau

Truly World Class Cidre, Poire, and Pommeau coming from the Normandy region in France. (Psssst... we'll soon have even more of their fine ciders available!)

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Liberty Ciderworks

Longtime favorites of ours from Spokane, Washington. Featuring several Single-Varietal ciders and carefully curated cider blends using apples sourced from partner orchards in Eastern Washington.

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Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery

Incredible UK ciders and perries from Herefordshire, England using traditional cider apples and perry pears from their estate orchard. A delightful mix of classic UK flavors and fun new approaches to cidermaking (try their Ciderkins / Perry Piquette!)

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Madrone Cider

Immerse yourself in the captivating history of apple growing in Washington State's gorgeous San Juan Islands. Madrone Cellars & Cider uses estate grown apples, pears, and quince for their delicious ciders & wines.

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Maison Herout French Ciders

The Cotentin peninsula, where Maison Hérout is located, produces some of the driest and most complex ciders made anywhere in France.

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Nashi Orchards

Perry & Cider made from locally sourced fruit, including their own orchards on Vashon Island (Washington State) and Hood River, Oregon. Be sure to try one of their beautiful Asian Pear perry releases.

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Oliver's Fine Cider & Perry

Your favorite cider-maker's, favorite cider-maker! Tom Oliver is widely considered the Godfather of Fine Cider & Perry. Legendary orchardist and cider maker from Herefordshire in England's West Country.

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Pierre Huet French Ciders

Loc­ated on the French “Route du Cidre” (Cider Route) in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, the Pierre Huet family estate has been com­bin­ing tra­di­tion and innov­a­tion to their cider, pommeau, and calvados since 1865.

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Pinball Hard Cider

Pinball Cider is a nomadic hard cider brand that bounces around across the Pacific Northwest. With a palette for naturally fermented dry ciders with little intervention, these hard ciders celebrate the unique characteristics of rare cider apples grown in hidden orchards throughout Washington and Oregon. Full Tilt. Fuller Pours.

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Piquenique Wines & Cider

Cider, wine, and co-ferments made with fruit from homestead era orchards across the San Juan Islands. Blends made by Nico & Tess, often harvested and brought to their cidery via boat rides throughout the Puget Sound. Truly dreamy!

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Posterity Ciderworks

Posterity's passion is using fruit from old orchards and homesteads throughout Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Amador counties in Northern California. They use locally foraged ingredients and California apples, pears, and quinces. Delicious stuff!

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RAW Cider Co.

RAW Cider Company practices traditional methods, mostly French, with a contemporary approach to attain clean, balanced and interesting cider & perry. All of their cider is fermented with the yeast that is on the fruit at the time of harvest. 

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Revel Cider

Revel's characterful native yeast fermentations explore the endless flavors Ontario has to offer. Combining farm-grown and foraged fruits, discovering what the fermentation process yields, and aiming to bring out the best of each ingredient is what makes Revel's products so delightful and unique.

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Sea Cider Farm + Ciderhouse

One of our shop's best-selling cideries! Whether you've visted their loverly Ciderhouse on Vancouver Island, or simply want to try a wide range of ciders from one of the best producers doing traditional & modern style ciders - you're sure to love your next box of Sea Cider!

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Snowdrift Cider Co.

A longtime favorite cidery of ours. Snowdrift is located in the heart of Apple Country, in Wenatchee, Washington - "The Apple Capitol of the World". Beautiful blends and single-varietal ciders featuring traditional cider apple varieties.

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Son of Man

Inspired by the generations of cidermakers in Northern Spain, Son of Man have set out to make exceptional Basque-style cider in Hood River, Oregon. Get your long pour practice in!

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Trabanco Sidra

Traditional Basque Sidra from Trabanco. Their natural cider is a staple in the cider world, an exceptional cider for food pairings, and one of our shop's best sellers.

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Two Broads Ciderworks

Two Broads Ciderworks is the story of two women who met in San Luis Obispo and bootstrapped a dream into existence. Maggie & Morgan use apples from local orchards, explore heritage and heirloom apple varieties, and geek out about cider to anyone who will listen. Our kind of people!

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Westcott Bay Cider

One of the oldest continuously running cidery operations in the Pacific Northwest. We served Westcott Bay cider at our wedding in the San Juan Islands and are proud to carry their cider & pommeau here in our shop.

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Whitewood Cider Co.

We fell in love with Whitewood Cider after several pit stops in Olympia on treks from Seattle to Portland. Their Tiny Little Taproom introduced us to their incredible lineup of dry & semi-dry ciders, made with traditional cider apples thoughtfully sourced from orchards in nearby Southwest Washington State.

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Wildcraft Cider

Eugene, Oregon's Wildcraft Cider Works is a community driven and community focused cidery that makes a fun range of ciders. We carry most of their ciders, and their divine pommeau.

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Yonder Cider

Inspirational ciders made by inspirational women who have blazed their own trail to becoming one of the fastest growing cideries in the U.S. We'll bring in as many of the seasonal and limited releases from Yonder as we can get our hands on!

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Zapiain Basque Sagardo

Some of the freshest Spanish cider available in the U.S. A bottle of Zapiain Sagardoa contains centuries of history and knowledge. Basque cider is much more than a drink. It's tradition and culture.

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