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    Aspall Cyder was founded in 1728 by Clement Chevallier in Suffolk county in Eastern England, making them the longest known cider producer in existence today. Nearly 300 years and nine generations later, Aspall remains a family business, currently ran by brothers Barry and Henry Chevallier Guild.

    Today, Aspall grows 46 different apple varieties in their orchards, with the oldest trees dating back to the 1900's and the youngest trees only a couple years old. Apple varieties grown include sweet apples such as Chivers Delight and Spartan, sharp apples including Bramleys Seedling, and bittersweet and bittersharp apples such as Kingston Black and Bulmers Norman.

    Aspall ciders are all unpasteurized and fermented using a Champagne yeast to ensure controlled fermentation with the natural aromas and flavors of the apples retained.

    Learn more about Aspall by visiting their website.

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