Bauman's Cider (Gervais, Oregon)

Bauman’s Cider (Gervais, OR)
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    Bauman's Cider is an award winning cidery based in Oregon's Willamette Valley, just south of Portland. Christine Walter is a fifth-generation farmer and the head cidermaker at Bauman's. Bauman's Farm was homesteaded by her Great-Great-Grandmother Elizabeth and her sons Stephen and Leo in 1895. In the early 1900’s, Stephen began making cider on the farm for family and friends alike to enjoy. Upon learning of her family's history of making cider, and armed with a degree in biochemistry, Christine has revived her Great-Grandpa Stephen’s legacy by blending modern cidermaking with heritage methods using fruit grown and harvested on their own farm whenever possible.

    The fruit grown in the Willamette Valley is highly regarded and makes for some excellent cider. Bauman's Cider includes four distinct product lines that range from juicy and modern, to traditional, delicate, and nuanced. Most recently, Christine began releasing co-ferments of cider apples and wine grapes, and they are fantastic. Whether you prefer traditional ciders or modern, flavored ciders, Bauman's Cider truly has something for everyone! We're pleased to offer a wide variety of Bauman's Ciders and make them available for cider fans to have them shipped across the country. 

    To learn more, visit Baumans website.

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