Pierre Huet (Normandy, France)

Pierre Huet Normandy France French Dry Brut Cider Cidre Pommeau Calvados
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    Pierre Huet is a family-owned producer of cider, Calvados, poiré, and Pommeau in the heart of Pays d'Auge on the Cider Route in Cambremer, Normandy, France. Five generations of the Huet family have carried on the tradition of making Calvados for 200 years, with 5th generation François-Xavier Huet currently at the helm.

    Pierre Huet's ciders are made from the over 25 apple varieties grown on their 75 acres on both Haute-tige (standard) and Basse-tige (esplanade) trees.

    Learn more about Pierre Huet on their website.

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