Cedar Draw Cider (Buhl, Idaho)

Cedar Draw Cider (Buhl, Idaho)
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    About Cedar Draw: Cedar Draw Cider is a family owned and operated, small batch cider producer from the town of Buhl in Southwest Idaho. Emily & John launched Cedar Draw in 2018 on their 3 acre farm & orchard. The orchard is all that remains of a 200 acre orchard of heirloom Italian plums originally planted in 1908 by Mr. H. Harvey, who exported the plums from the farm via the nearby Cedar Draw train station. Cedar Draw honors this land's history and the old growth orchards available in their valley to create ciders that are as rich and special as the heritage of their land.

    Emily makes each of her small batch ciders primarily using fruit from their family's orchard and other nearby farms. While most areas of the Pacific Northwest have relatively robust access to cider options, in Cedar Draw's remote community there are fewer cider options available than most parts of the PNW. As a result, many locals' first impression of cider comes by way of visiting Cedar Draw's farm based tasting room and enjoying Emily's range of dry to semi-dry craft ciders. A great introduction to the cider category if you ask us! 

    To learn more about Cedar Draw, visit their website here

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