Cockrell Cider (Puyallup, Washington State)

Cockrell Hard Cider Puyallup Washington State Apples Cider
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    Cockrell Cider is a family-run cidery established in 2014 as Puyallup's first and only estate cidery. Cockrell crafts their ciders using locally-grown fruit, including apples grown on their small 7.5 acre farm on the Puyallup River, an area with over 150 years of agricultural history in Washington State. The farm was first established in 1854 as part of a land grant to Willis Boatman, and purchased by brothers John and Richard Cockrell so that they could utilize local fruit in their cider production.

    Cockrell Cider makes a range of ciders, from modern, fruited ciders to ciders made with traditional cider apples grown on their own orchard.

    To learn more about Cockrell Cider, visit their website.

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