Dwinell Country Ales (Goldendale, Washington State)

Dwinell Country Ales (Goldendale, WA)
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    Dwinell Country Ales ciders are made once per year, per the natural season of the fruit they are made from. They strictly use spontaneous fermentation, without the use of lab-grown yeast or the addition of sulfites, fermenting slow at cold temperatures to retain the delicate aromatic structures of each blend. Ciders are all canned prior to the end of fermentation, resulting in a fine, natural carbonation to develop in package - a traditional method commonly known as pétillant natural or “pét-nat.”

    Currently, all of the apples and pears used in Dwinell's ciders come from E.Z. Orchards in Salem, OR, and Kevin Zielinski of E.Z. Orchards is a partner and mentor in Dwinell's orchard operation and cider production.

    In 2020, Dwinell established a one-acre, irrigated, low-density apple orchard located approximately one mile north of their facility. They are growing all their apples on full-size, standard rootstock, with apple varieties including Roxbury Russet, Frequin Rouge, and Karmijn de Sonnaville. 

    To learn more about Dwinell Country ciders, visit their website.

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