Eden Specialty Ciders (Newport, Vermont)

Eden Specialty Ciders (Newport, Vermont)
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    Eden Ciders was founded in 2007 in Vermont by Eleanor & Albert Leger when they purchased an abandoned dairy farm in West Charleston and made an experimental batch of Ice Cider in the basement of their home. Slowly, they expanded the team to include amazing people like head orchardist Ben Applegate, and built connections with other Vermont orchards passionate about sustainable agriculture and working with their terroir.

    Eden Ciders is passionate about the quality of flavor that comes from unique apple varieties grown by local, small-scale orchards in Vermont. They make a wide range of ciders, from very dry to sweet, with different methods of production, using single varieties and blends. They are committed to supporting small-scale family orchards, using holistic and regenerative orcharding practices, and to using rare tannic and heirloom apple varieties grown expressly for cider making.

    Learn more about Eden Ciders on their website.

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