Empyrical Orchard & Cidery (Snohomish, Washington State)

Empyrical Orchard & Cidery (Snohomish, WA)
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    Empyrical Orchard & Cidery is the 2023 GLINTCAP Cidermaker of the Year for the micro-scale category (5,000 gallons or less produced for year), with three of their cider & perry products taking home Best in Class awards. 

    Empyrical was founded by husband and wife Adam Wargacki and Elizabeth Lockhart, in partnership with Elizabeth's parents Burt and Diane Lockhart. Their ciders are refined by considered sips, edited, and blended by consensus. Cidermaker Adam is a chemist, orchardist, and award-winning winemaker. Together with his brother Matthew, Adam has participated in the design and planting of several new regional orchards as well as ongoing educational efforts, lectures, and workshops in community horticulture. As creative director, Elizabeth curates the brand aesthetic.

    Empyrical Cider entered commercial production in 2021, and about 1/3 of their limited volume is grown onsite in Snohomish, Washington, where they have seven acres of over 1,500 pome fruit trees. They blend their estate harvest with regional heirloom apples to attain the aromatic intensity and tannic structure of fine wine, enlivened by the fruit-forward approachability of a budding Pacific Northwest cider style. Fermented in oak and aged mostly in glass, every bottle is best poured carefully off the lees and warmed in hand.

    Recent Awards: 

    2023 Cider Craft Magazine

    Principle - Perry

    La Raison Reserve - Heritage Sweet

    Objective - Imperial CIder

    Inversion - Fruit CIder 

    2023 - GLINTCAP (Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition)

    Principle – Traditional Perry [2nd Place]
    Archive – Wood Aged Cider [3rd Place]
    Inversion – Fruit Cider [3rd Place]

    Constant – Heritage Cider – Dry
    Ratio – Wood Aged Cider

    Anomalie – Heritage Cider – Sweet
    Apex – Traditional Cider – Sweet
    Inquiry – Fruit Cider
    Integral – Traditional Cider – Dry
    La Raison – Heritage Cider – Dry
    La Raison Reserve – Heritage Cider – Sweet
    Objective – Traditional Cider – Dry
    Outliers – Heritage Cider – Dry

    Reciprocal – Heritage Cider – Dry

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