Fable Farm Fermentory (Barnard, Vermont)

Fable Farm Fermentory Vermont Cider Wine Co-ferment Cyser
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    Fable Farm Fermentory is a farm-based winery producing aged ciders, wines and vinegars, among other herbal elixirs. The fermentory is part of a larger family of organizations working together to steward farmland, develop rural businesses, and promote community experiences.

    Fable Farm is a congregation of farmers/growers, herbalists, chefs, winemakers, and artists growing native to the foothills of Central Vermont, and provides farm fresh prepared foods for various cultural events held on the farm. In the fermentory, they aim to procure living wines from local fruits, herbs, saps, and honey.

    Fable Farm is located in the piemonte, or foothills, of the Green Mountains in Barnard, Vermont. Situated at 1700 feet, atop the Broad Brook watershed, their farm is a mosaic of fields, forests, and gardens rich with ecological diversity. They work cooperatively with partner farmers and advocates to steward the historic Clark Farm. Now conserved by the Vermont Land Trust, this 450 acre haven is a living legacy of the European settlers who sculpted small farms out of an old-growth wilderness back in the late 1700’s. The farm is now managed by a network of dairy, livestock, vegetable, and fruit enterprises. 

    To learn more about Fable Farm, visit their website.

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