Fruktstereo (Sweden)

Fruktstereo (Sweden)
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    Fruktstereo is a Swedish crew of former restauranteurs and sommeliers who began fermenting cider, fruit-nats, and natural wines using foraged fruit around their homes in Sweden in. In 2016, they acquired an old orchard with free standing trees once attached to a medieval farm. The orchard spans over 30 acres, all situated in the nature reserve of Verkeån, which is the largest river in Österlen (a tourist destination in Sweden known for its natural environment, historic buildings, fishing hamlets, small towns and farmland). The river runs through their orchard, or fruityard as they know call it after having planted different varieties of grapes, quince, and berries to compliment the already established classic Scandinavian varieties of apples, pears, and plums. 

    Fruktstereo's cider, wine, and co-ferments are made without any additives and using sustainable grown produce local to their home in Sweden. Each cider is fermented using only native yeast, with no added sulphites/sulfites. Zero/zero natural fruit wines.

    To learn more about Fruktstereo, visit their website

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