Greenwood Cider Co. (Seattle, Washington State)

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    Andy and Ryan Short and Marshall Petryni of Greenwood Cider make their cider in Seattle. They got their start with apples leftover from a CSA that didn’t get picked up. A few fermenting sessions later, they were selling their ciders and Greenwood Cider was born. Founded in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle in 2015, Greenwood Cider turns waste into resource by making cider from forgotten and foraged fruits picked from around the city and deep within the Pacific Northwest forest.

    Using a blend of standard Washington apples, as well as apples from local farms, small homesteads, and abandoned orchards, Greenwood Cider presses and produces all their ciders in the city, blending modern tastes with traditional cidermaking.

    Learn more about Greenwood Cider on their website.

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