Independent Perry (Dryden, Washington State)

Independent Perry (Dryden, WA)
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    Sourced from orchards in the foothills of the Wenatchee Mountains, Independent crafts modern perries from fresh pressed D’Anjou Pears fermented cold and minimally processed. Independent's pear orchards have been farmed for over a hundred years. The soils and climate together produce some of the best pears in the world.

    The core difference between modern perry and traditional perry comes down to the fruit used. Culinary or desert pears like D'Anjou are often sweeter, and have less bitterness and acidity than traditional perry pears. Perry pears are higher in tannins and/or acid and often referred to fondly as "spitters" - as you wouldn't want to eat them. Many modern perry products lack balance or complexity and are overly sweet - but not these delightful products form Independent. They are delicate, delicious, and approachable yet complex.

    Their lavender and ginger flavored perry products are made with ingredients sourced from local farms, and remain well balanced in their expression of both the pears & the lavender and ginger.

    Learn more about Independent Perry on their website.

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