Meriwether Cider (Boise, Idaho)

Meriwether Cider (Boise, Idaho)
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    Meriwether Cider Co. is an award winning, family-owned and operated hard cider company located in Garden City, Idaho (near Boise). Started in 2014 by the Leadbetter family, Meriwether Cider produces a wide range of ciders using fresh pressed pacific northwest apples, including several flavored ciders featuring local ingredients. Their small-batch ciders are well balanced and apple forward.

    Meriwether is named after explorer Meriwether Lewis of the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition. The Leadbetter Family is distantly related to Meriwether Lewis, and with Lewis being the first explorer to cross the continental divide into Idaho, their cidery name pays homage to both a connection to place and family. 

    To learn more about Meriwether Cider, visit their website here

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