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Piquenique Wines & Ciders
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    Piquenique Wines & Ciders is a dreamy project launched by Niccolo Coturri & Tess Bryant in Washington State's San Juan Islands. They harvest apples, pears, quince, grapes, and more from homestead era orchards located throughout the San Juans. Boat rides filled with fruit that's brought back to their winery near Friday Harbor. They release several beautiful offerings of cider, natural wine, and co-ferments each year. 

    Who -  Niccolo Coturri & Tess Bryant

    Where - San Juan Islands, Washington

    Vineyards and orchards - organically farmed or untended orchards, organically farmed vineyards, organically farmed and dry farmed vineyards currently being planted, all on the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea region.

    Process - no additions at any time (no sulfites, yeasts, or sugars added)

    Labor practices - from Nic: We pick most of the fruit the two of us. In two instances relating to geography (remote islands without ferry access) and Covid isolation restrictions, we were not able to pick fruit ourselves last season (in 2020), so the farms we partnered with picked apples and quince with their already employed team. Friends have come to visit from Seattle, Montana, Portland (etc) for a few days here and there to help us pick and process in peak season. All the winery work is done by Tess and me, though it’s a bonus when a friend is here to help us bottle with an extra set of hands.

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