Durham Cider A Tribe Called Quince 2019 (750 mL, 8.9% ABV)


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About  46% Porter's Perfection apples, 46% Golden Russet apples, 6% Yellow Huffcap Pears (non-certified organically grown from Harmony Orchards in Tieton, WA), and 2% Pineapple Quince (non-certified organically grown from Majestic Ranch in Cayucos, CA). Quince macerated seven days; Spontaneous fermentation; 50 ppm S02 added to just the pears at pressing (unfined, unfiltered). Ancestral Method - slightly sparkling ABV 8.9%
Flavor Notes apple skin, green apple, quince, white flower, grapefruit zest Sweetness Semi-Dry
Suggested Pairings  Tannins High
Acidity Medium+

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