Your new favorite cider club. The only Cider Club featuring access to more than 400 ciders from all over the U.S. and around the world. Expertly curated themed cider boxes, fully customizable to your palate.

Press Then Press Cider Club Subscription Box - Quarterly

Press Then Press Cider Club Subscription Box - Quarterly

  • Shipping available across U.S.
  • Great value & discount benefits
  • Customizable to your flavor preferences
  • Makes a great gift
Cider Club Options:
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Expertly Curated Cider. Themed Quarterly Release. Widest Variety of Ciders. Great Discounts. Shipping to Most States. Customized to Your Tastes. Plus More Benefits.
CIDER BOX OPTIONS: 1) 3 or 6 bottle cider club (8 - 10% discount). We curate a selection of your choice of 3 or 6 bottles. Each quarterly release features a theme for you to learn & explore more styles of cider, from a wide variety of cider makers. Option 2) 12 Bottle Cider Club (12% Discount). Receive our 6-bottle themed release, Plus 6 additional bottles that are curated to your specific preferences and tastes. We work with you over time to learn what you enjoy most.

What's in Each Box?

We curate a selection of delicious ciders that fit a theme for you to learn & explore styles of cider, from a wide variety of cidermakers. Note: most club inclusions are dry or semi-dry, and without added fruit or spice flavors.

Cider Club Schedule

Get your first box sent right away, then quarterly thereafter. Easily reschedule shipments, pause, or cancel your subscription any time. Want a monthly box? Click here!

Fully Customizable

Pick from any of our 400+ ciders and swap them in for one of the ciders we pick for your box, or let us pick additional ciders for you.

Expertly Curated

Our shop is run by two Certified Pommeliers. We'll get to know your palate better with each box and can customize your cider selection. A Cider Concierge!

Great Benefits

Cider Club members receive great discount s (on their club boxes and any other cider purchased on our site), first access to limited ciders, cheaper shipping rates, and more.

Try a 1-Time Box

Not ready to subscribe? Any of our Cider Clubs have 1-time box options (availability may be limited each quarter).

Shipping & Delivery

We ship cider to most, but not all states. If you live in the greater Seattle area, we also offer home delivery or free pickup.

Gift Options

Want to give the gift of a Cider Club Subscription? Contact us and we'll arrange a 1-time box, a rolling subscription, or a prepaid membership.

FAQ & More Information

Important Shipping Information:

  • We are able to ship cider to most, but not all, states.
  • Legally, someone 21+ must be present at the time of delivery to sign for the cider. We cannot ship to PO Boxes or AFO/FPO addresses.
  • Shipping prices vary by weight and destination. How far you are from Seattle (where we ship from), and remote vs. central your shipping destination is, and how heavy your box is will make shipping vary.
  • The bigger the box, the less you pay in shipping on a per-bottle basis. We ship in 1, 4, 6, and 12 bottle boxes - order in those quantities for the best shipping value. The size of the box matters as much as the weight, so don't leave empty slots in your bottle box! Shipping 1-2 bottles will cost the same as shipping 4-6 bottles in most cases. Shipping a 12-bottle box is usually only $3-5 more than shipping a 4-6 bottle box.
  • Re-delivery and returns are the responsibility of the customer.
  • We don't recommend shipping during periods of extreme weather. If your area has weather of concern, please contact us and we can hold your order. 

Delivery: We offer home delivery of cider orders for customers in the Seattle area, including the east-side. Someone 21+ must be available to accept the delivery. We will be flexible in scheduling a delivery that works for you. Delivery fees range from $5-10 depending on your location. Those fees are reduced or waived for large orders.

Free Pickup: Orders can be picked up for free at Makeda & Mingus, a coffee shop and community space in the Greenwood neighborhood in Seattle. They are open everyday from 7AM-5PM. Orders are made available for pickup within 1-3 days.

We can usually accommodate rush requests for delivery or pickup. Please e-mail us at or call/text us at (206)395-4008.

Your first Press Then Press Club box will ship right away. Then you'll get boxes each: January, April, July, and October.

We can happily hold a box for you to make sure it's delivered at a time when you're able to receive it.

We carry more than 400 different ciders in our shop, and we will happily work with you to customize which ciders are (or aren't!) in your box.

You will always receive an e-mail with details on the upcoming club release and can make change requests. Common examples include:

  • Specific Brands: Customers who don't want us to ship them ciders from a cidery that is local to them and they already have regular access to (or are also in their club!)
  • Favorite Ciders/Cidery: "Please always include a bottle of _______."
  • And more! Reach out with any questions or requests.

We can accommodate most requests. In your cart, before checkout, you can comment in Order Instructions your preferences. Or email us at and we'll get you all set up!

Press Then Press Club members will receive a discount code good for 8-12% off additional cider purchases made at Press Then Press. Discount codes vary depending on what PTP Club box size you've signed up for. Your discount code will be e-mailed to you after you complete checkout for your sign-up of the Cider Club.

Some fine print:

The discount code will work for individual products (bottles and cans), but will not work with most curated cider bundles that are already discounted. A small number of very limited bottles of cider are not discount eligible. Some ciders we bring in to our store from afar are expensive for us to acquire and we limit how much we mark these up in order to keep them accessible. Currently, less than 10 of our 400+ ciders are ineligible for discounts. Here is a list of discount eligible products.

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Explore Past Club Boxes & Themes

Fall 2023 Cider Club Box

Orchard Blends

Each featured cider was an expertly blended cider made by cidermakers with fruit from their own managed orchards. 6 bottle boxes includes ciders from England (Tom Oliver's), France (Eric Bordelet), Washington (Snowdrift, Empyrical, and Greenbank), and Vermont (Fable Farms). The Empyrical Cider was a highly limited custom blend made just for our cider club members!
Summer 2023 Cider Club Box

Crabapple Ciders

The 2023, Summer Quarter Club Box (July) featured 6 different crabapple based ciders. Each featured cider is either made from crabapples, or a blend of apples that predominantly features crabapples. 6 bottle boxes includes ciders from Washington, Oregon, California, and Wyoming.
Spring 2023 Cider Club Box

Earth Month Box

Featuring a range of ciders that highlighted different Earth Day friendly farming and cider-making practices, including dry farmed apples, organic farming, reclaimed orchards, and wild foraged apples.
Press Then Press Cider Club Subscription Box - Quarterly - Cider Club - Press Then Press Cider Bundles Hard Cider
Winter 2024 Box

Single Varietal Ciders

We chose apple varieties that stand on their own in fantastic ciders, and come from each of the cider apple categories of sharp, bittersharp, and bittersweet, so you can enjoy a range of flavor profiles. These ciders show the range of attributes and nuances that different apple varieties can bring to cider, in the same way grape varieties do for wine.