R Zabala Basque Sidra (750 mL, 6% ABV)


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R. Zabala has been dedicated to producing top-quality, natural cider for over 200 years. Our estate orchard is located in the foothills above San Sebastian in the town of Gipuzkoa.

Our Ciders are bottled un-fined and unfiltered. You may notice sediment. This is normal. Shake the bottle highly to reincorporate the sediment, pour a few ounces into a glass from a height of one foot to release its natural carbonation and enjoy!

Varietal: 20 native Basque varietals (50+ year old orchards)
Orchard: Zabala (organic)
Vinification: Native fermentation after direct press, elevage in ancient foudre of chesnut for 7 months, bottled unfined, unfiltered.

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