Le Père Jules - Cidre de Normandie Demi-Sec Cider (750 mL)

Le Père Jules - Cidre de Normandie Demi-Sec Cider (750 mL)

Le Père Jules - Cidre de Normandie Demi-Sec Cider (750 mL)

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Le Pere Jules' Dem-Sec is a semi-sweet cider from the Normandy region in France.

The Desfrièches family has been making cider, perry, calvados, and pommeau from fruit grown on their estate in the heart of the Pays d'Auge region for more than 100 years. They grow heirloom French cider apple varieties on their farm, and their Cidre de Normandie is a blend of primarily Mettais, Domaine, Frequin Rouge, Rambault, Argile Grise, Argile Rouge, and Bisquet. The apples are hand harvested each October and then left in dry storage for 2 weeks prior to pressing - this process promotes sugar concentration.

The juice is fermented for varying lengths to create three ciders with different levels of residual sugar (and thus sweetness) and alcohol. The Cidre Brut is their driest cider and undergoes a longer fermentation. This Demi-Sec cider is a Semi-Dry (Dem-Sec translates to Semi-Dry, but this cider drinks semi-sweet). They also make a Cidre Doux that is even sweeter and lower in alcohol (unfortunately not currently available, but we're working on it!). 

Tasting Notes & Food Pairings: Semi-sweet which softens the tannic character that is still present. Very rich & ripe apple characteristics, with notes of lemon & lime, white flowers, and honey. Upfront in the mouth, its develops an earthy, rich and fruity bouquet with interesting tannins for a long aftertaste. 

Pairs well with nearly any meal. Our favorite pairings are Sunday brunch, grilled meats, creamy/funky/sharp cheeses, any rich and hearty dinner. 

Grab a couple bottles of Le Pere Jules Cider and pair it with a bottle of Le Pere Jules Pommeau de Normandie!  

About Le Pere Jules: The story begins in 1919 with Jules Desfrièches – who had already earned the nickname of “Père” Jules or “Father” Jules – with a love for his region and its apples, decided to turn his passion into his trade. I 1923, Jules distilled Calvados for the first time. In 1949 his son, Léon Desfrièches, joined the family business. On his arrival, he created the brand “Le Père Jules,” in honor of his father. Thierry Desfrièches, the grandson of “Père”Jules joined his father in the business in 1976. Finally, Guillaume Desfrièches, Thierry’s son, joined the family business after he finished his studies in oenology in 2002 to become the fourth generation in the affair.

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  • Dry-to-Sweet Scale: Semi-Sweet
  • Tannins:
  • Acidity:
  • 🍎🍐 Varieties: Frequin Rouge, Rambault, Mettais, Domaine, and Argile Rouge
  • Features: Blend and Pears
  • ABV: %
  • Format: 750 mL Bottle
  • Shipping available across U.S.
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way
Sale price $19.00

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