Liberty Ciderworks (Spokane, Washington State)

Liberty Ciderworks (Spokane, WA)
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    Liberty Ciderworks, based in Spokane, Washington, gathers nearly all of their fruit from three tiny, family-run orchards that grow apples with cider in mind, using many of the same techniques that vintners use to grow wine grapes. Soil and climate play major roles, as do the native yeasts they allow to ferment their ciders. Employing “natural wine” methods in all of their ferments, Liberty never filters their ciders and allows each orchard’s native yeast to work its magic. Their approach is inspired by global styles and traditions, but reflects their own apples, landscape, and culture. It’s a philosophy expressed in everything they produce, and it’s one we think you’ll really enjoy. 

    To learn more about Liberty Ciderworks, visit their website.

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