Alpenfire Calypso 500 mL (6.9% ABV)


Sale price$12.99


This one has it all. Dry. Fruit. Barrel! 

Flavor Profile: Open the bottle and smell spirits and blackberries layered over crisp apples. Tastes of tangy fruit - tart & smokey  - hibiscus rum notes remind me of sitting on a beach in Hawaii at sunset hoping to see a green flash. 

From The Cidery: An expression of the Northwest. Organic heirloom apples co-fermented with blackberries, then aged in Rum Barrels. Blackberries, plums, cooked apples with a long brown sugar rum finish.

Pair it with: Seafood. A big louie salad. With the shrimp and crab meat. Salmon on the side - probably?


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