American Cider Association - Certified Pommelier Major Study Kit (6 Pack of Bottles & Cans)

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*UPDATE: Due to high demand, we've had to replace some of the original ciders in this kit, but lucky for you that means this kit is now at a lower price. You will now receive the 7 ciders listed below, rather than what is shown in the photo. 

We've put this special 6-pack of ciders together for those of you looking to study for the American Cider Association's Certified Pommelier exam. Purchase of this kit includes a digital copy of a filled out Structured Sensory Analysis form (the same that is used when taking the exam) for each cider.  

Ciders Included:

Alma Wood Aged 500ML (Barrel aged cider)
Eve's Cidery Albee Hill 750ML (Still cider)
Far West JST B YRSLF 16 oz can (Touch of honey)
Goat Rock Rosé 12 oz (Co-Ferment)
Renaissance Big Blend 500 mL
Wildcraft Wild Rose 12 oz (Botanical Cider)
Yonder Perry 16 oz (Perry)


Flat rate shipping has been applied to these ACA Pommelier study kits. We are covering some of the shipping costs. In some instances, if you live close to Seattle, you may still be overcharged for shipping. We will refund you for any overages. If you're undercharged? Lucky you! Please come back for future cider orders with us 🥂 

Get more bang for your $hipping buck. This mixed cider kit ships in one of our 6-pack boxes. Want even more cider? Shipping 12 ciders is usually only $10-15 more expensive than shipping 6. Please contact us if you'd like to place a bigger order, let us know what else you want to get, and we'll build you a cart with a fixed cost for shipping, plus a 10% discount on any other bottled products or single cans you add to your order. 

(Please note: If you add both the Minor & Major study kits to your order, you will receive a partial refund for shipping after we've sent your combined box). 

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