Liberty Ciderworks Virginia Crab Single-Varietal (500 mL, 10.4% ABV)


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About 100% Virginia Crab (a.k.a. Hewe's Crab) from Topcliffe Farms in Prosser, WA. Native fermentation ABV 10.4%
Flavor Notes This richly-flavored offering expresses tropical honeydew, ripe tangerine, peach pit and cobbler flavors Sweetness Semi-sweet
Suggested Pairings Pork, figs, honey & chèvre Tannins Medium Minus
Acidity Medium Minus


From Liberty: Virginia Crab (a.k.a. Hewe’s Crab) is a true American classic, borne of native crabapples and an undetermined European varietal. Crazy-high ABV courtesy lots of Yakima Valley sunshine!

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