Westcott Bay Cider Pommeau (375 mL, 16% ABV)


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Pommeau is a cider-based aperitif made with fresh apple juice and our delicious Apple Eau de Vie and aged in fine white oak barrels. French farmers in Normandy make this as part of their hard cider-Calvados production, so we incorporated it into our line. It is wonderful before dinner served chilled, use it instead of Lillet or Cocchi in cocktails, and it is lovely after dinner.

We learned about Pommeau in Normandy, where they make Calvados (apple brandy). It is a mix of our hard cider and unaged apple brandy. It makes a wonderful light cocktail on its own, but try it in a Manhattan instead of sweet vermouth. Actually, try it in any cocktail that asks for sweet vermouth!

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