Finnriver Cranberry Rosehip 500 mL (6.5% ABV)


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Style: Botanical Craft Cider
Sweetness: Semi-sweet

Bright apple fruit with tart cranberry infusion, a rosy blush and an herbal, bittersweet finish from the rosehips.

Fermented on the farm with a select blend of Certified Organic Washington dessert apples, featuring seasonal varieties such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Braeburn & Gala.

Our botanical ciders share the earthy essence of life in the fields and forests of the Olympic Peninsula. Small batch seasonal production featuring cider fermented to dry and then blended with the juice we press from transitional and organic cranberries from the Washington coast’s Starvation Alley Farm. We then add an infusion of wild rosehips gathered from woods and hedges around the Peninsula. Sweetened with unrefined organic cane sugar for added depth and balance. Lightly carbonated. Made without gluten ingredients.

Serve chilled. The Cranberry Rosehip makes a festive holiday cider. Enjoy with your Thanksgiving turkey, roasted vegetables or winter duck. Add cranberry juice and Vodka for a crimson cocktail to toast the season!

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