The Tasting Flight - 6 Bottle Box to Explore the Range of Cider

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Imagine Press Then Press had a tasting room. You wander in, take a seat, and tell us you've had some good cider, but aren't quite sure what you'd like to try next. We offer you a Tasting Flight of six excellent ciders ... at a great discount ... that all have something unique about their flavor profile to collectively touch many corners of your palate. You get a chance to taste them all and share wit’s us which ones you liked best. 

That is this mixed six-pack!

With this kit you will get six bottles of excellent cider from some of our favorite cider makers. You'll get a chance to compare and contrast. Let us know what you liked best, and we'll be better suited to help you pick your next box of cider based on your feedback. We'll even give you 12% off your next order of six or 12 bottles! 

Here's what to expect:  

  • dry cider bottle 
  • off-dry/semi-sweet cider bottle 
  • perry/pear cider/quince cider bottle
  • barrel-aged cider
  • 1 acid-forward cider
  • 1 tannin-forward cider

In some instances we may sub out 2 cans for 1 bottle, for 7 total ciders, so that we can include a botanical cider or co-ferment/fruit flavored cider. 

Currently, the box includes: 

Some fine print: 

  • We will always have a version of this Tasting Flight available. 
  • Since it's already discounted 15%, it cannot be purchased using additional discounts - sorry. 
  • You can buy this kit for yourself (or household) once, and use the 12% off your next 6 or 12 bottle box once. You may buy this as gifts for others as often as you'd like, and they can use the 12% off code for their follow-up 6 or 12 bottle box. 
  • We may need to swap out bottles from the above list. We'll update the list and photos as often as we can, but because these items are also sold individually, we may need to make some substitutions. We'll always keep the value relative when that happens. 
  • We've set up flat-rate shipping on this item, with us eating some of the costs, to help keep it more accessible to all. Because of that, if you choose to order this plus 6 more ciders (we ship in boxes that fit 3/6/12 ciders), just know you'll get quoted something very high for shipping, but we will refund you the overages as soon as we ship your order. A 12-bottle box usually costs around $40-45 to ship, sometimes as little as $35 or as high as $55, depending on weight and how far from Seattle you are. 

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