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Our French Cider Club is the best way to get regular delivery of a variety of limited cidre, poire, and pommeau products from France

French Cider Club Signup - Quarterly Subscription

French Cider Club Signup - Quarterly Subscription

Sale price $130.00

Bottles per Box

Love ciders from France?

Fans of French ciders can now sign up for our French Quarters cider club. Get a box filled with 6 or 12 bottles of French cider and perry products. This club comes with some great benefits: 

  • Access to very limited French cider products that we receive in small quantities
  • Discount on all ciders in club shipment
  • Discounts on any other cider orders placed in our store

For each box, you'll have your choice of

  • Products from your favorite french ciders or cider makers (perfect for fans of specific ciders that you want to receive regular supply of)
  • Mix of French ciders and perries chosen by us
  • A combo of both (e.g. a 12 bottle member can tell us to always include 6 products from their favorite cider makers and then we pick the other 6)

Some of the featured French Cider-Makers: Eric Bordelet, Etienne Dupont, Pierre Huet, Christian Drouin, La Ferme de Port Coustic, Jerome Forget, Le Pere Jules, and many more as we grow our access to French cider products.

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